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""Zer irakurri? Gustatzen zait denbora berean bi edo hiru liburu batera irakurtzen aritzea; bat astunagoa, filosofia edo pentsamendua, bestea literatura klasikoaren izenbururen bat, eta horiekin batera, nobela garaikidea.""
Xabier Lete (auto)biografia Bat - Inazio Mujika

Xabier Lete, (Auto)biografia bat, p. 181

Five on a Treasure Island

Five on a Treasure Island - Enid Blyton

This is not an appropriate reader for me right now. It is very boring, things happen very slowly. Everything must be explained, and everybody must be in the know, or there is a good reason not to tell him or her. It is a very childish book. You are not willing to read the next chapter; you only want the book would be over.

Nevertheless, I have found it very useful for learning English. There are a lot of expressions, phrasal verbs, repeated every now and then, so it is helpful to learn them.

The language sounds very natural.

Five on a Treasure Island - Enid Blyton
""I'm so glad Kirrin Island wasn't sold, George," said Anne, sleepily. "I'm so glad it still belongs to you."
"It belongs to three other people too," said George. "It belongs to me— and to you and Julian and Dick. I've discovered that it's fun to share things. So tomorrow I am going to draw up a deed, or whatever it's called, and put in it that I give you and the others a quarter-share each. Kirrin Island and Castle shall belong to us all!""
Five on a Treasure Island - Enid Blyton
"George felt very happy. She had often been on her island before, but always alone except for Tim. She had always vowed that she never, never would take anyone there, because it would spoil her island for her. But it hadn't been spoilt. It had made it much nicer. For the first time George began to understand that sharing pleasures doubles their joy."

Ia denaren historia labur bat

Ia Denaren Historia Labur Bat (Z Izpiak) - Bill Bryson

Letra txikia, liburua ezin da ondo zabaldu, akats tipografiko pilla bat. 

Franz, München

Franz, München - Thomas Silvin It is not a masterpiece, but it is what you need if you want to learn German.